11.-12. Mai 2016. COMTecnica in Bologna

Auf der COMTecnica 2016 in Bologna treffen sich internationale Experten und diskutieren Trends und Themen rund um die Technische Kommunikation. Frank Ralf von parson präsentiert einen Workshop zum Thema "Relax, Just Do It – DITA Customization with RELAX NG”.

FrankRalfFrank RalfZusammenfassung: With DITA 1.3, the schema language RELAX NG (RNG) is becoming the normative grammar. RNG is simple and easy to learn, it is written in XML syntax, and it offers features that DTDs don’t. So what is stopping us from using RNG? In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of RNG grammar, explain the differences between DTD and RNG and walk you through a topic specialization and customization. You will learn how the RNG definitions are organized: What are domains, entities, and modules? How do I remove unwanted elements? How do I add new elements?

12. Mai 2016, 9.00-10.45 Uhr
Tags: DITA
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