Eine Tasse auf Reisen #5 - die Auflösung

In welchem Land wurde die parson-Tasse fotografiert, haben wir Anfang Dezember gefragt. Die Frage war knifflig. Trotzdem kamen die meisten auf die richtige Antwort: Kuba. mehr ...

RDF is not XML – RDF serialization and iiRDS metadata

The world of technical writing loves XML. Its document type definitions are the foundation of structured authoring. XML and the underlying schemas structure the content of our information products. The benefits are twofold. Content is consistently structured and easy to read. Authors have an easier time writing the content. The structure provides guidelines for authoring. mehr ...

Gewinnspiel: Eine Tasse auf Reisen #5

Brrr…in Hamburg ist der Winter eingekehrt und Weihnachten steht vor der Tür. Die parson-Tasse lässt sich währenddessen die Sonne auf den roten Bauch scheinen. mehr ...

How to become a technical writer – Confessions of a former translator

A former translator, I worked the first seven years of my professional life in the translation industry, in various positions. While I learned a lot from this experience, it also left me, as a writer, frustrated. Translators are chained to their source text and writing the words of others in another language, usually focusing on what their clients want. mehr ...

tekom-Impressionen Teil 2: API-Dokumentation und die VUKA-Welt

Daniela Herbold und Ulrike Parson berichten über Leitlinien für eine optimierte API-Dokumentation sowie Lösungsansätze für eine innovative Personalführung. mehr ...

Malta and the Semantic Wiki

"Of course I know what semantic means." That’s what I said to Jonas, my new colleague. Jonas is not new; I am. I am the newbie at parson communication. 

"Well," said Jonas and pointed at a document on his computer screen. It looked like a raw version of a Wikipedia page. "Then you know what a semantic wiki is."

"A what?"

Jonas smiled. Then he started to talk about Malta.

Read more in Semantic Wikis. Or: How Malta Became Semantic.

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