Blog-Empfehlung: Soft-Skills für den Berufseinstieg

Welche Fähigkeiten sollten Berufseinsteiger in der Technischen Redaktion mitbringen? Sprachliches und technisches Verständnis sind in unserem Beruf unabdingbar. Aber auch Soft-Skills sind wichtig – wie in jedem anderen Beruf auch. mehr ...

RDF is not XML – RDF serialization and iiRDS metadata

The world of technical writing loves XML. Its document type definitions are the foundation of structured authoring. XML and the underlying schemas structure the content of our information products. The benefits are twofold. Content is consistently structured and easy to read. Authors have an easier time writing the content. The structure provides guidelines for authoring. mehr ...

How to become a technical writer – Confessions of a former translator

A former translator, I worked the first seven years of my professional life in the translation industry, in various positions. While I learned a lot from this experience, it also left me, as a writer, frustrated. Translators are chained to their source text and writing the words of others in another language, usually focusing on what their clients want. mehr ...

tekom-Impressionen Teil 2: API-Dokumentation und die VUKA-Welt

Daniela Herbold und Ulrike Parson berichten über Leitlinien für eine optimierte API-Dokumentation sowie Lösungsansätze für eine innovative Personalführung. mehr ...

tekom-Impressionen Teil 1: Improvisationstechniken, Fluff Hunt und Videos

Auf dem Weg zur Konferenz sehe ich an der Fassade des Stuttgarter Bahnhofs ein Zitat von Hegel: „daß diese Furcht zu irren schon der Irrtum selbst ist“. Genau darum ging es in Anthonys Apodacas Vortrag am Morgen des zweiten Konferenztages. mehr ...

My first time at tekom

I got back from Stuttgart last night and it is safe to say that after three days of action-packed presentations, writing an article is not in the realm of possibilities right now as I try to connect one synapse with another.

However! As a teaser, here is a short list of the things I enjoyed over the last three days in no particular order:

More to come on our blog.

tekom 2017 SchleichwerbungDude in the black onesie. Photo: Sabine Stoye


# Bernd 2017-10-27 16:50
I'm not sure whether it was you who asked how to translate this Markdown stuff -- I figured out a way how to do it without breaking tables or anything else. It's Okapi Rainbow that does the trick.
# Lucie Le Naour 2017-11-01 13:39
Hi Bernd,
No it wasn't me who asked :) But I'm interested in what you figured out with Rainbow, can you tell me more?
# Bernd 2017-11-28 11:01
Hi there,

Sorry for the late response.

This is how it works (at least here):

1. (opt.) set root dir
2. add doc(s) to input list
3. set languages + encoding
4. Utilities | Translation Kit Creation
5. set package type (here: OmegaT), set package name + output location
6. Execute

1. open project (= package name)
2. translate
3. generate translated file(s)

1. empty input list
2. add "manifest.rkm" (from package root) to input list
3. Utilities | Translation Kit Post-Processing
4. Execute
5. (set output options), Continue

I don't have other TM tools here right now, so I can't check this for other package types, but I'm sure it'll work as well. The tricky part for me was to find the way back: to post-process the "manifest.rkm" file.

# Lucie Le Naour 2017-12-01 11:45
Thanks Bernd, it's useful to know! We might need to translate Markdown files at some point, who knows :)

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