iiRDS – How a Novice Sees the Information Delivery Standard

Lately, the newly developed tekom standard iiRDS has gained quite some attention. The next exciting step will be the release of version 1.0, which will be released soon. Requesting and delivering intelligent information as a standardized approach between individual enterprises is a pioneering step in the Internet of Things – but let’s rewind a little. more ...

Pets at the office. Part I: Molly

The atmosphere at our office is always good, but when Molly is there, it gets even better. Molly is good for us. more ...

Soft Skills of a Technical Writer

What soft skills should technical writers have when they start their career? Linguistic and technical understanding is important in our profession. So are the soft skills - just like in any other job. more ...

The parson mug prize draw #5. Congratulations to the winners

In which country was the parson mug photographed, we asked at the beginning of December. more ...

RDF is not XML – RDF serialization and iiRDS metadata

The world of technical writing loves XML. Its document type definitions are the foundation of structured authoring. XML and the underlying schemas structure the content of our information products. The benefits are twofold. Content is consistently structured and easy to read. Authors have an easier time writing the content. The structure provides guidelines for authoring. more ...

OWL, Protégé, and Pizza

Just coming back from a three-day short course on modeling ontologies with Protégé in Vienna and I can’t get pizza out of my mind. Thanks to the Stanford Protégé team I learned how to model an ontology of the Italian signature dish in OWL. OWL is a W3C standard to describe the logical model of a domain, its concepts and properties, including constraints and relations. This can be done for every domain that comes to mind of course. But still, pizza it was.

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