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Project duration


Project goals

Acting as support for the in-house technical writing group, we were asked to write an English guide for administrators and software engineers that explains the integration of different web content management servers.

Approach and methods

The technical writing group of Open Text Corporation produces documentation for various products in multiple languages. They use an XML-based content management solution and the Arbortext Editor to ensure content quality and uniform structures. A style guide ensures linguistic consistency.

Our extensive experience with XML-based documentation enabled us to quickly become familiar with the content management system. After a short introduction to the web content management servers, we collaborated with product management to design a structure for the manual. We provided these services:

  • Gathering information from internal specifications, interviews with software engineers, and tests in virtual server environments, to use in the new guide
  • Designing the structure of the new guide
  • Writing the topics according to the principles of functional design (Funktionsdesign), that is, classified as task topics, conceptual descriptions, and reference information


Architecture image illustrating the publishing workflow

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Open Text Corporation

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