evodion IT GmbH

Project duration

October 2017

Voices of the participants

„Well structured.“

„Many practical examples. Good presentation style.“

„I liked the combination of theory and practice, including exercises.“

Goals and Results

At evodion, software architects and IT consultants write code documentation and user stories for use cases. With a professional training in technical writing, evodion wanted to ensure the quality of this documentation.

Together with evodion, parson prepared a training plan, tailored to the individual needs of the software architects and IT consultants. Particular attention was paid to a balanced mixture of theory and practice (exercises).

The two-day training was held by a professional trainer from parson and included the following topics:

  • Standardization and structuring of technical documentation
  • Target group analysis and target-oriented writing
  • Terminology and writing rules
  • Visualization in technical documentation
  • Documentation processes
  • Online documentation
  • Topic-based writing
  • Introduction to DITA
  • Modularization and reuse
  • Variant management
  • XML standards in technical documentation



In various exercises, the participants could test and apply what they had just learned:

  • Recognize and assign information types
  • Analyze target groups
  • Apply writing rules and minimalist principles
  • Identify and assign topic types
  • Create DITA topics and DITA maps
  • Identify modules and variants

evodion IT GmbH

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evodion IT ist ein dynamisch wachsender, unabhängiger IT-Dienstleister, Berater und Anbieter für die Entwicklung individueller Software-Lösungen und unternehmensweiter Portale. evodions Leistungsportfolio umfasst alle Bereiche der Informationstechnologie an der Schnittstelle zwischen Technologie und Business.

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