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Insights into iiRDS
The tekom working group "Information 4.0" develops a new delivery standard for technical documentation - iiRDS (intelligent information request and delivery standard). iiRDS defines a package format and standardized metadata, making content delivery vendor-independent.
Ulrike Parson talks about iiRDS at tekom conference
On June 28, 2017, tekom regional groups Bodensee and Alb-Donau as well as Tecom Switzerland organize a conference about "Technical Documentation and Industry 4.0". Ulrike Parson is one of three speakers.
tekom starts developer preview for iiRDS
At the tekom spring conference in Kassel this month, the tekom working group “Information 4.0” presented the current status of the content delivery standard iiRDS.
Ulrike Parson gives keynote at tcworld in China
From May 8-9, 2017, decision-makers and specialists in the field of technical communication meet at the tcworld conference in China.
parson gives talk on iiRDS at tekom spring conference
At the tekom spring conference in April, Ulrike Parson and Mark Schubert will give a talk about the new content delivery standard iiRDS.
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