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parson at tekom Spring Conference 2018
parson partcipates with two presentations at the tekom spring conference in Koblenz. We'll talk about self-organizing teams and iiRDS.
Make Technical Documentation Intelligent - From Content Management to Content Delivery
In this article, Martin Kreutzer and Ulrike Parson describe how you fill content-delivery portals with intelligent information so that users quickly get the right answers to their questions.
Webinar on March 22, 2018: How to Create Intelligent Documentation
Your technical documentation creates already structured information? Empolis and parson will show you how to transform this information into intelligent information and generate more value for your customers.
iiRDS – The New Delivery Standard for Technical Documentation
(Knowledge Base)
Or: What we can do to standardize the content delivery of intelligent information At this year’s TC world conference, the tekom working group „Information 4.0” introduced the first results of the group’s work for defining a new content delivery standard for technical documentation in the age of Industry 4.0: iiRDS. t ...


September 12-13, 2017. Nordic TechKomm Copenhagen
This year's NORDIC TechKomm 2017 focusses on UX – User Experience. Ulrike Parson gives a talk about "Metadata for Intelligent Content, And What the Content Delivery Standard iiRDS Got to Do With It".
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