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I don't have to know that! Knowledge modeling and technical communication
(Knowledge Base)
When you write technical documentation, you manage a great deal of knowledge. Technical communicators evaluate and apply domain knowledge every day. For that, skills in knowledge modeling are extremely useful.
Smørrebrød with app juice - "NORDIC TechKomm" impressions
From May 24-25, 2016, the first Nordic TechKomm took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. parson participated with two presentations.
OWL, Protégé, and Pizza
Just coming back from a three-day short course on modeling ontologies with Protégé in Vienna and I can’t get pizza out of my mind. Thanks to the Stanford Protégé team I learned how to model an ontology of the Italian signature dish in OWL. OWL is a W3C standard to describe the logical model of a domain, its concepts an ...


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