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A Shoe is a Shoe is a Shoe. But a Knot is not Always a Knot.
I'm clumsy and not just a bit. Ask my colleagues, they will confirm it. So it is not surprising that since my childhood I have not been able to tie my shoes properly.
August 26, 2017. Workshop "Visualize Information". Workshop in Frankfurt/Main
Katrin Mehl and Elisabeth Fischer from parson present a workshop about how to use images in technical documentation.
tcworld 2018 part 3: Creative online videos for technical documentation
Clear the stage! At the beginning of his workshop "Creating thrilling online videos", Stephan Schneider showed two pictures.
Recommend+To? A Clear Recommendation
In technical documentation, we avoid recommendations. They rarely help the reader: The producer recommends ultra-light power cells. Why? What happens if I use others?
RDF is not XML – RDF serialization and iiRDS metadata
The world of technical writing loves XML. Its document type definitions are the foundation of structured authoring. XML and the underlying schemas structure the content of our information products. The benefits are twofold. Content is consistently structured and easy to read. Authors have an easier time writing the con ...


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