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August 26, 2017. Workshop "Visualize Information". Workshop in Frankfurt/Main
Katrin Mehl and Elisabeth Fischer from parson present a workshop about how to use images in technical documentation.
Technical Writing for Engineers at evodion
At evodion, software architects and IT consultants write code documentation and user stories for use cases.
Images in Technical Documentation, Workshop in Frankfurt on August 26, 2017
For the second time, Katrin Mehl and Elisabeth Fischer, technical communicators at parson, present their workshop about how to use images in technical documentation at the tekom regional group in Frankfurt/M.
How to set up a Semantic MediaWiki: Jonas Wäckerle with tutorial at MTSR 2014
The "Metadata and Semantic Research Conference" (MTSR) 2014 takes place in Karlsruhe, Germany, from November 26 to 29, 2014.
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