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iiRDS – The Current Status
(Knowledge Base)
At this year’s tcworld conference in October, the working group "Information 4.0" presented version 0.9 of iiRDS (intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard), the content delivery standard for technical documentation for industry 4.0.
Instructions for Medical Ventilators
parson assists WEINMANN Emergency with updating service and repair instructions for medical ventilators.
Make Technical Documentation Intelligent - From Content Management to Content Delivery
In this article, Martin Kreutzer and Ulrike Parson describe how you fill content-delivery portals with intelligent information so that users quickly get the right answers to their questions.
Specification for Standards in the Commodity Trading Industry
Customer EFET - European Federation of Energy Traders Duration Since 2016 Goals and Results EFET develops and maintains a number of standards that enable customers in the commodity trading industry to use a common application and interface for exchanging transaction data. The standards are based on a common X ...


What Does A Technical Writer Do?
(Knowledge Base)
Technical Writers translate complex technical product or service information into understandable and accessible user information. They act as mediators between product developers and users. Auntie Else’s conclusion was not that far-fetched, after all. We are translators. However, we do not translate from one language i ...


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