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Meta data that is used to structure and describe information or source code. In the semantic Web, machines, such as computers, use meta data to access the meaning of information and interpret it.


Application programming interface. Set of routings, protocols, and tools that gives programmers access to the features of an operating system or application and defines how software components interact. An API can also assist distinct applications in sharing data and thus enhance their functionalities.


Ulrike Parson at Adobe DITA World: From DITA to iiRDS

Adobe DITA World is the world's biggest DITA online conference for marketing and TechComm professionals. more ...

parson becomes integration partner of gds GmbH

With this partnership, parson and gds support each other. gds is the provider of the content management systems docuglobe and XR. more ...


parson at tcworld conference 2019

Meet us at the tcworld conference in Stuttgart, Germany, in November 2019! more ...

A Shoe is a Shoe is a Shoe. But a Knot is not Always a Knot.

I'm clumsy and not just a bit. Ask my colleagues, they will confirm it. So it is not surprising that since my childhood I have not been able to tie my shoes properly. more ...
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