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XML-based information architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. DITA content is created in modules, so-called topics. Each topic covers a specific subject.


DITA Open Toolkit. Open-source publishing tool for DITA that converts DITA content into various output formats, such as PDF, XHTML, or ODT.


Freely available information model that is defined in an XML and SGML document type definition (DTD). The DocBook structures are mainly sequential and book-like, but can be used for a broad variety of documentation content. DocBook is an open standard, which is used by many open-source projects for their documentation. It also provides semantic elements for specific purposes, such as software and hardware documentation.


Document type definition. Defines the valid elements and attributes in an XML document and determines how they can be used and which subelements they may include.


Software Documentation. A Strange New World?

The world becomes is becoming more digital and more companies are adding software to their product portfolios. But how do we write documentation for software? more ...

plusmeta and parson become partners

With the digital transformation and Industry 4.0, technical information must become intelligent. The software of our new partner plusmeta analyzes complex content with the help of artificial intelligence and automatically generates associated metadata and semantic structures. more ...


A Shoe is a Shoe is a Shoe. But a Knot is not Always a Knot.

I'm clumsy and not just a bit. Ask my colleagues, they will confirm it. So it is not surprising that since my childhood I have not been able to tie my shoes properly. more ...

Running in Escheburg

Three parson runners participated in a community running contest in Escheburg, near Hamburg. more ...
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