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Alternative markup language for defining the valid structure and content of XML documents and their elements. Contrary to DTDs, Schema uses the XML syntax and is more flexible. Required content of tags and attributes can be specified more precisely compared to DTD.


Agile process in software engineering where a complex project is developed in increments. Scrum teams can release products in shorter cycles, which leads to faster feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change.


Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language. Query language for the semantic Web. SPARQL can query, retrieve, or even manipulate data stored in RDF format.


Development cycle in a Scrum project. A sprint begins with a planning meeting, in which the goals are defined, and ends with a retrospective meeting. Sprints are restricted to a specific duration, normally between one to four weeks.


A person or a group that has in interest in an organization's business activities and can affect these activities or be affected by them.


Software Documentation. A Strange New World?

The world becomes is becoming more digital and more companies are adding software to their product portfolios. But how do we write documentation for software? more ...

plusmeta and parson become partners

With the digital transformation and Industry 4.0, technical information must become intelligent. The software of our new partner plusmeta analyzes complex content with the help of artificial intelligence and automatically generates associated metadata and semantic structures. more ...


A Shoe is a Shoe is a Shoe. But a Knot is not Always a Knot.

I'm clumsy and not just a bit. Ask my colleagues, they will confirm it. So it is not surprising that since my childhood I have not been able to tie my shoes properly. more ...

Running in Escheburg

Three parson runners participated in a community running contest in Escheburg, near Hamburg. more ...
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