iiRDS Version 1.0 Released

On April 18, 2018, tekom released version 1.0 of iiRDS, the international standard for intelligent information request and delivery. parson actively participated in the development of iiRDS. more ...

We seek a Technical Communicator for Hamburg

If you love IT and language, join us. As an intermediary between technicians and users, you convey how complex technologies work. more ...


Office Pets. Part II: Blacky and Felix

This is the second (and last) part of our blog series about office pets. This time, we show off Blacky and Felix, two brothers. They are six years old, curious, and always hungry. more ...

Check if or check that? Or: Have you tried turning if off and on again?

How often do we read or write that we should check something? Example: "Check if the computer is connected to power." Clear message, no misunderstanding. But what if it says: "Check that the computer is connected to power." more ...

October 24 - 26, 2017. tcworld conference in Stuttgart, Germany

parson gives five presentation at this year's tcworld conference in Stuttgart, Germany. We'll talk about intelligent informationen and iiRDS, documentation in GitHub, and DITA.

Dr Jekyll und Mr Markdown - Dokumentieren auf GitHub

Marion Knebel (parson) and Mark Schubert (parson)

Einfach Dokumentation schreiben, ohne großen Aufwand. Das klingt gut. Am besten wechselt man dazu nicht mal die Anwendung. Software-Entwickler möchten die Dokumentation beim Quellcode zu haben, z.B. beim populären Online-Dienst GitHub. Dokumentation wird dort in Markdown geschrieben, einer einfachen Auszeichnungssprache. Aber wie geht das genau? Im Workshop schreiben wir in Markdown und erzeugen eine einfache HTML-Website mit dem Open-Source-Framework Jekyll. Probieren Sie selbst, wie Dokumentieren auf Github geht und welche Vor- und Nachteile Markdown hat. Computer mitbringen!

  • Workshop for beginners
  • Tuesday, 24/10/2017, 08.45 - 10.30 a.m.
  • Thursday, 26/10/ 2017, 11.15 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
  • Program

iiRDS for Technical Writers – Introduction to the Metadata

Ulrike Parson (parson), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler (Karlsruhe university) and Jürgen Sapara (tecteam)

Dynamic content delivery has recently drawn much attention. There is a variety of use cases connected to topic-based information architectures. Addressing technical writers and information managers, we will discuss highly relevant applications of content delivery and the upcoming iiRDS metadata standard. Starting with metadata concepts for structured authoring and content management, we will show how to extend these concepts by adding contextual, linked content with iiRDS. Tutorial für Einsteiger

  • Tutorial for beginners
  • Wednesday, 25/10/2017, 1.45 - 3.30 p.m.
  • Program

iiRDS Inside Out – Applying the Standard

Mark Schubert (parson), Achim Steinacker (i-views) and Sebastian Göttel (Schema)

Intelligent content requires smart metadata. The new tekom standard iiRDS adds the smart part to your content and defines a format for exchange packages. Addressing technical writers and information architects, we will have a detailed look at an iiRDS package and its metadata representation in RDF/XML. A real-world use case will illustrate the extensibility of iiRDS packages with client-specific information. Tutorial für Experten

A Marriage for Life? DITA and iiRDS as a Power Couple for Content Delivery

Marion Knebel (parson) and Dr. Martin Kreutzer (empolis)

tekom is developing iiRDS, a new standard for intelligent information. To demonstrate a practical implementation of the standard, we are working on an open-source based tool chain from authoring in DITA to publishing to content delivery. We will show how to author DITA content with iiRDS metadata and use the DITA Open Toolkit to generate iiRDS packages. We will talk about the challenges that we encountered, the lessons we learned, the open questions that we still have, and where this project could go in the future.

  • Talk for experts
  • Thursday, 26/10/2017, 8.45 - 9.30 a.m.
  • Program

Vernetzte Dokumentation: Wiederverwendung von Informationen im Produktlebenszyklus

Ulrike Parson (parson) and Achim Steinacker (i-views)

Auf Grundlage eines Integrationsprojekts aus der Halbleiterindustrie präsentieren wir die Nutzung intelligenter Informationen über Systemgrenzen hinweg. In dem Projekt werden Informationen aus dem Anforderungsmanagement, der Entwicklung, der Validierung und der Technischen Dokumentation integriert. Als Grundlage dient ein domänenübergreifendes, vernetztes semantisches Modell, das die Wiederverwendung von Informationsbausteinen erleichtert und über ein Web-Dashboard jederzeit Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Entwicklung und Dokumentation bietet.

  • Talk for experts
  • Thursday, 26/10/2017, 12.15 - 1.00 p.m.
  • Program
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