iiRDS Version 1.0 Released

On April 18, 2018, tekom released version 1.0 of iiRDS, the international standard for intelligent information request and delivery. parson actively participated in the development of iiRDS. more ...

We seek a Technical Communicator for Hamburg

If you love IT and language, join us. As an intermediary between technicians and users, you convey how complex technologies work. more ...


Office Pets. Part II: Blacky and Felix

This is the second (and last) part of our blog series about office pets. This time, we show off Blacky and Felix, two brothers. They are six years old, curious, and always hungry. more ...

Check if or check that? Or: Have you tried turning if off and on again?

How often do we read or write that we should check something? Example: "Check if the computer is connected to power." Clear message, no misunderstanding. But what if it says: "Check that the computer is connected to power." more ...


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Kommerzielle Software des australischen Unternehmens Atlassian für die Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikation und den Wissensaustausch im Unternehmen. Zum Beispiel können Aufgaben mit Fälligkeitsdatum und Berichte zu Seiten in Confluence hinzugefügt werden, sodass das gesamte Team auf dem Laufenden ist.

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