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Kommerzielle Software des australischen Unternehmens Atlassian für die Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikation und den Wissensaustausch im Unternehmen. Zum Beispiel können Aufgaben mit Fälligkeitsdatum und Berichte zu Seiten in Confluence hinzugefügt werden, sodass das gesamte Team auf dem Laufenden ist.


LearningDITA Live 2019 with a German track. Register now!

LearningDITA Live is a free online conference hosted by Scriptorium Publishing. Dive into the world of DITA from February 25 - 28,  2019. more ...

We are seeking an Information Architect with XML know-how

Do do you love to learn about information structures and technical topics? Do you enjoy communicating these topics to other people in an advisory capacity? more ...


tcworld 2018: What's New with iiRDS?

iiRDS was one of the central topics at the tcworld conference 2018: at the new iiRDS Café, in lectures, showcases, and tutorials. There was also a discussion on Twitter, among other things about the name, which is so difficult to pronounce. more ...

tcworld 2018 part 3: Creative online videos for technical documentation

Clear the stage! At the beginning of his workshop "Creating thrilling online videos", Stephan Schneider showed two pictures. more ...
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