Meet us at the tcworld conference 2018

The tcworld conference takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 13 - 15, 2018. Our topics are iiRDS, software documentation, and self-organizing teams. more ...

iiRDS Version 1.0 Released

On April 18, 2018, tekom released version 1.0 of iiRDS, the international standard for intelligent information request and delivery. parson actively participated in the development of iiRDS. more ...


The parson mug prize draw #7. Congratulations to the winners

Where was the parson mug photographed? more ...

The parson mug prize draw #7

Bye bye beautiful beaches, welcome to the city! Our mug explored one of the biggest cities in the world. 24 million people live here, and the name means city upon the sea. It also has the longest metro system (637 km). more ...


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Kommerzielle Software des australischen Unternehmens Atlassian für die Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikation und den Wissensaustausch im Unternehmen. Zum Beispiel können Aufgaben mit Fälligkeitsdatum und Berichte zu Seiten in Confluence hinzugefügt werden, sodass das gesamte Team auf dem Laufenden ist.

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