parson at tekom Spring Conference 2018

parson partcipates with two presentations at the tekom spring conference in Koblenz. We'll talk about self-organizing teams and iiRDS. more ...

Instructions for Medical Ventilators

parson assists WEINMANN Emergency with updating service and repair instructions for medical ventilators. more ...


Make Technical Documentation Intelligent - From Content Management to Content Delivery

In this article, Martin Kreutzer and Ulrike Parson describe how you fill content-delivery portals with intelligent information so that users quickly get the right answers to their questions. more ...

parson's mentoring program

You sent the job application and the interview went well. Now comes your first day at work. Everything is strange: colleagues whose names you immediately forget, business processes, the ERP system. Even the coffee machine doesn't work right away. And where was that meeting room again? more ...


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Extensible Stylesheet Language. Oberbegriff für eine Sprachfamilie, bestehend aus XSL-FO, XSLT und XPath. XSL definiert die Transformation und Ausgabe von XML-Dokumenten.

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