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Application Programming Interface. Ein Set von Routinen, Protokollen und Tools, das Programmierern den Zugriff auf die Funktionen eines Betriebssystems oder einer Anwendung ermöglicht und definiert, wie Software-Module interagieren. Eine API unterstützt auch unterschiedliche Programme dabei, Daten untereinander auszutauschen und kann damit ihre Funktionalität erweitern.


Technical Writers as Knowledge Managers - Ulrike Parson speaks at tekom Austria conference

tekom Austria is organizing a conference on documentation and knowledge management. Ulrike Parson is one of the speakers. more ...

We are seeking an Information Architect with XML know-how

Do do you love to learn about information structures and technical topics? Do you enjoy communicating these topics to other people in an advisory capacity? more ...


tcworld 2018: What's New with iiRDS?

iiRDS was one of the central topics at the tcworld conference 2018: at the new iiRDS Café, in lectures, showcases, and tutorials. There was also a discussion on Twitter, among other things about the name, which is so difficult to pronounce. more ...

tcworld 2018 part 3: Creative online videos for technical documentation

Clear the stage! At the beginning of his workshop "Creating thrilling online videos", Stephan Schneider showed two pictures. more ...
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