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Application Programming Interface. Ein Set von Routinen, Protokollen und Tools, das Programmierern den Zugriff auf die Funktionen eines Betriebssystems oder einer Anwendung ermöglicht und definiert, wie Software-Module interagieren. Eine API unterstützt auch unterschiedliche Programme dabei, Daten untereinander auszutauschen und kann damit ihre Funktionalität erweitern.


Documenting with DITA XML and Training for Technical Authors

The documentation for the drawing engine liNear Desktop was to be modern, customer-oriented, and future-proof. parson assisted liNear GmbH in introducing DITA XML for their documentation. more ...

Our path to a self-managing organization. Ulrike Parson gives talk at gdslive on May 8, 2019

With digital transformation, companies must become more flexible. Fast decision-making, agile procedures, and flexible processes are required to react to changes in the market. more ...


We have moved offices

Finally! We have moved into a new and spacious office building. The old one had become so small that we almost stepped on each other's toes. Plus, it sometimes became so noisy that our ears were ringing after work. more ...

tekom spring conference in Vienna

Ulrike Parson and Uta Lange share their impressions about the tekom spring conference in Vienna. more ...
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