Katrin Mehl

Technical Communicator

Katrin Mehl worked as a Technical Communicator at parson AG in Berlin, Germany, from 2014 til 2021. One of her main duties was to create manuals, training material and other supporting documents for our clients to communicate technical information. Katrin’s true passion is the visualization of complex information of any kind and a consistent design for which she develops visual style guides. She has gained a lot of experience with xml-based tools and systems for authoring as well as with design tools for vector graphics, photo editing, and layout over the years.

Latest articles by Katrin Mehl

Blended Learning – or how you learn best online

by Katrin Mehl on October 14, 2020

Digital training courses become more and more popular. In times of COVID-19 and home office, many training providers are switching to digital learning. For the  Milleninials, the generation Y, growing up in a digital environment, digital learning is quite natural anyway. But does digital learning really only offer advantages compared to traditional classroom training? Which methods does digital learning  offer? And what exactly is blended learning?



Visualize information. Say it with pictures

by Katrin Mehl , Elisabeth Fischer on July 25, 2016

We often present technical information as text. The more complex the information, the more words we have to use. When we describe a complex engine with dozens of components, plugs, and valves, we sometimes need an additional form of presentation, such as an image. Images, like diagrams and illustrations, give the reader a visual layout of components, devices, or technical parts. more...