Technical Writing for Engineers at evodion

At evodion, software architects and IT consultants write code documentation and user stories for use cases. more ...

Empolis and parson become partners

With Empolis, we have won a new, important partner. more ...

Ulrike Parson speaks about iiRDS

On December 11,2017, Ulrike Parson will give a talk on the topic "iiRDS for beginners" at the tekom regional group in Hanover, Germany. more ...

Make your documentation intelligent. Free webinar on December 7, 2017

Your technical documentation creates already structured information? Empolis and parson will show you how to transform this information into intelligent information and generate more value for your customers: more ...

Industry 4.0 meets technical documentation

Industry 4.0 - buzzword, hype and everyone is talking about it. But what is behind all this? What does the digital networking of the industrial value chain mean and what are the consequences? more ...

Learn DITA for free

Meet our new DITA project. Now you can learn the XML information architecture DITA for free and at your own pace.

Learn is an e-learning platform for people who want to learn more about DITA, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. The courses are provided in German and are based on LearningDITA, set up and maintained by Scriptorium Publishing Services. Find out more on

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