Meet us at the tekom spring conference in Vienna

The key topic of the tekom spring conference from 21-22 March 2019 is "Information between man and machine". We will contribute two presentations.

Content Delivery with iiRDS – an Introduction

Ulrike Parson and Mark Schubert

Intelligent Information Retrieval and Delivery Standard, in short iiRDS, is the tongue-twisting name of the tekom initiative for the standardized exchange of technical documentation. iiRDS is a package format and a vocabulary that can be used to uniformly enrich technical documentation with metadata.

We will use selected user stories to illustrate the principles of the standard and also present the work of the iiRDS consortium. If you have never heard of iiRDS before, this is your opportunity to step in.

The presentation is held in German.

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Software Documentation – A Strange New World?

Ulrike Parson und Uta Lange

The world becomes is becoming more digital and more companies are adding software to their product portfolios. But how do we write documentation for software? Is it so different from the documentation in machine and plant engineering? We will explore new worlds. Seek out target groups, tasks, and tools. And boldly go where no one has gone before: What kind of content do we need, which standards apply, and how do we convince developers to provide the information we need? This presentation offers an introduction to software documentation and an overview of best practices in creating and delivering it. It also offers insights into the day-to-day work of technical communicators and agile documentation processes.

The presentation is held in English.

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Full program of the tekom spring conference


parson assists tcworld in developing an intelligent chatbot

tcworld GmbH wanted to demonstrate the practical application of the iiRDS standard and developed together with Endress+Hauser a demonstrator (iiBot) for an intelligent chatbot based on the standard for intelligent information Request and Delivery. more ...

Topic-based information architecture and online help for SICK AG

For their localization software LiDAR-LOC, SICK needed an online help. parson developed a topic-based information architecture and created the online help. more ...

IXIASOFT and parson become partners

IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in CCMS. With the IXIASOFT CCMS, we can offer our customers an even larger selection of content management systems and find the ideal solution for them. more ...

Summary of Adobe DITA World

The world's biggest DITA online conference for marketing and TechComm professionals, Adobe DITA World, took place last week. more ...

Ulrike Parson at Adobe DITA World: From DITA to iiRDS

Adobe DITA World is the world's biggest DITA online conference for marketing and TechComm professionals. more ...
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