parson Authoring

Write and publish your documentation easily with DITA

The service package parson Authoring includes a selection of the most commonly used DITA structures for technical documentation. This means that you can work with a considerably smaller pool of DITA structures. No need for lengthy workshops to define a customized information architecture. Instead, your technical authors can start writing immediately.

From the XML content, you can generate a PDF publication with basic customization to fit your corporate design.

Technical data

Version: parson Authoring 1.0

Delivery format:  You get the following plug-ins:

  • A DITA-OT plug-in for a leaner DITA information architecture for all operating systems
  • A DITA-OT plug-in for creating PDF output from DITA files for all operating systems (parson PDF)

DITA version: DITA 1.3

DITA OT version: DITA Open Toolkit 2.5.4 or DITA Open Toolkit 3.4.x

Customization of the DITA standard: In addition to the established grammar DTD, we support the normative grammar RELAX NG.

Benefits of parson Authoring

  • Get a quick start with XML-based documentation in a standard format
  • Requires little training for your technical authors
  • Full DITA compatibility and leaner XML, so you are independent of processing systems and can implement a content management system later
  • No costs for complex adjustments of the extensive DITA structures to your company requirements
  • Eliminate the time and effort involved in a content management system, but still provide full support for reuse, variant management, and cross-media publishing
  • Because parson Authoring includes the parson PDF edition, you also benefit from all the advantages of parson PDF: Fixed initial expense for basic adjustments of the PDF publication to your company layout

Left: unconstrained DITA structure. Right: parson Authoring with constrained DITA structure

Services included

16-hour support package, which can be used, for example:

  • We help you use the parson Authoring structures
  • According to your specifications, we make basic customizations of the PDF publication according to your specifications. Examples: Insert the company logo, adjust fonts according to your corporate design, adjust header and footer contents of the created document

Additional services, not included

In addition, you can buy the following services for parson Authoring:

  • More customizations of the DITA schema according to corporate requirements
  • Ready-to-use authoring environment for parson Authoring in Oxygen for an immediate start with the popular XML editor