parson iiRDS

Ready for industry 4.0. Create iiRDS packages from DITA.

You want to create documentation that is fit for Industry 4.0?  Intelligent content is the key. The content-delivery standard iiRDS helps you deliver your intelligent content. With the service package parson iiRDS you can create iiRDS packages.

With parson iiRDS you assign iiRDS metadata to your DITA content and immediately create iiRDS packages . This way, you can comfortably deliver and exchange intelligent content . No need to hire a consultant. Your technical authors need little training.

parson iiRDS includes parson Authoring and parson PDF. 

Technical data

Version: parson iiRDS 1.0

Delivery format: You get the following plug-ins:

  • A DITA-OT plug-in for a leaner DITA information architecture (parson Authoring) with additional iiRDS metadata for all operating systems
  • A DITA-OT plug-in for creating iiRDS packages from DITA files for all operating systems. An iiRDS package consists of documentation content in XHTML and the corresponding iiRDS metatadata.
  • A DITA-OT plug-in for creating PDF publications from DITA files for all operating systems (parson PDF)

DITA version: DITA 1.3

DITA OT version: DITA Open Toolkit 2.5.4 or DITA Open Toolkit 3.4.x

Customization of the DITA standard: In addition to the established grammar DTD, we support the normative grammar RELAX NG. Includes additional structure elements for iiRDS metadata.

Benefits of parson iiRDS

  • Delivery of technical documentation in a standard format – a future-proof solution, regardless of processing system
  • Minimal training effort for authors, even if they don't have extensive knowledge of iiRDS or DITA
  • With the simple use of iiRDS metadata, your authors will quickly achieve the objective and can deliver iiRDS-compatible packages
  • Significant reduction of costs because hiring an external specialist for the implementation of iiRDS is not necessary
  • iiRDS as a standard format makes delivery to different processing systems possible

Because parson iiRDS includes parson Authoring and parson PDF, you also benefit from all the advantages of these editions:

  • Get a quick start with XML-based documentation in a standard format
  • Full DITA compatibility with simpler XML structures
  • No costs for complex adjustments of the extensive DITA structures to your company requirements
  • Eliminate the time and effort involved in a content management system, but still provide full support for reuse, variant management, and cross-media publishing
  • Fixed initial expense for basic adjustments of the PDF publication to your company layout


Services included

60-hour support package, which can be used for, for example:

  • We assist you in mapping your company-specific metadata in iiRDS. Example: company-specific roles and product variants
  • We assist you in using the parson Authoring structures
  • According to your specifications, we make basic customizations of the PDF publication. Examples: Insert the company logo, adjust fonts according to your corporate design, adjust header and footer contents of the created document

Additional services, not included

In addition, you can buy the following services for parson iiRDS:

  • Consulting on company-specific ontologies
  • Consulting on integration with 3rd party systems
  • More customizations of the DITA schema according to corporate requirements
  • Ready-to-use authoring environment for parson iiRDS in Oxygen for an immediate start with the popular XML editor