parson PDF

Create PDF in your design from DITA files

The service package parson PDF makes publishing of your DITA content easier. Without much development effort, you can create PDF as the output format and customize the basic layout to fit your corporate design – at a fixed price.

You don’t need any programming skills to make it work.

Technical data

Version: parson PDF 1.0

Delivery format:  A DITA-OT plug-in for creating PDF output from DITA files for all operating systems

DITA OT version: DITA Open Toolkit 2.5.4 or DITA Open Toolkit 3.4.x

Benefits of parson PDF

  • Immediately publish DITA content as PDF with your company logo
  • Fixed initial expense for basic adjustments of the PDF publication to your company layout

Left: Standard PDF output. Right: parson PDF

Services included

12-hour support package, which can be used for basic customizations of the PDF publication, for example: 

  • Insert the company logo
  • Adjust fonts according to your corporate design
  • Adjust header and footer contents of the created documents
  • Organize and number elements

Additional services, not included

In addition, you can buy the following services for parson PDF:

  • Integration of the plug-in into DITA OT
  • Training for customizing the plug-in yourself
  • Further customization of the PDF layout