Training: Technical writing training for engineers

Your engineers, developers and technicians are technical experts – and we’ll also strengthen their skills as technical writers. So that they’ll be able to effectively communicate your company’s technical knowledge.

In a variety of training courses, we teach the basics of how to write and structure target group-oriented texts. We highlight what makes texts understandable and what to look for when writing. This gives your engineers the key tools needed to create internal documentation and expert documentation.

Each training course consists of modules that we put together according to your needs and wishes. Optionally, we can use your company documents and integrate standards such as the DIN EN 82079-1.

For each topic, we carry out exercises to consolidate the theoretical knowledge. For example, we can cover the following content in a two-day training course:

  • Standardizing and structuring information 
  • Analyzing target groups
  • Using German and English writing rules
  • Writing in a way that is user-oriented, clear and understandable
  • Developing terminology
  • Creating visualizations
  • Observing legal requirements and formulating safety instructions