Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Project duration


Project goals

Hamburger Hochbahn manages its operations with an electronic distribution background system based on SAP. With the upgrade to a new software generation and the associated training of the staff, Hamburger Hochbahn requires training material and end-user documentation. The material should describe operational tasks in the system and indicate changes to the previous software version so that employees can practice common tasks with the new software version.

Approach and methods

In close cooperation with the subject-matter experts, we create various information products:

  • Sets of slides for each business process to be used in training sessions
  • End-user documentation that describes all operational tasks and assists the employees in their daily work with the system

We write on the basis of DITA XML and primarily use oXygen XML Editor. This way, we can reuse content, publish several documents for different target groups from a single source, and better track changes.

We provide the following services:

  • Analyze target groups
  • Gather information in interviews and expert training sessions
  • Create a Hochbahn terminology and a style guide for documentation and training material
  • Write documentation with DITA XML and create training material with PowerPoint, both in German
  • Develop a pdf output format according to the corporate design of Hamburger Hochbahn

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Hamburger Hochbahn

Hamburger Hochbahn (HOCHBAHN) was founded in 1911. Its fleet consists of more than 1,600 busses and underground trains and offers public transportation for 1.2 million people a day. HOCHBAHN is one of 34 partners in the Hamburg transport association (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, HVV) and services over 1,400 bus and underground stops. It is the largest transport operator in the HVV area. HOCHBAHN employs about 5,000 staff members who work around the clock to provide attractive public transportation and convenient future-proof mobility in Hamburg.

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