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Automate the publication of your documentation

You have created modular technical content for your company’s products, using modern standards such as XML, Markdown, or AsciiDoc. Your customers receive user-friendly documentation at various touchpoints and in different output formats: as HTML in a portal, as JSONfor a chatbot or as integrated online help within the software products. To minimize manual effort and avoid potential publication bottlenecks, you want to deploy an automated publication pipeline.

Publikations-Pipelines für automatisierte Dokumentation
Automate the publication and delivery of documentation with a publication pipeline 

parson helps you build your publication pipeline 

We help you automate your publication and delivery processes. Together with you, we analyze your existing publication processes, determine your requirements, and then implement a customized solution that is perfectly aligned with your business needs. This is how we work.

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Building your pipeline. This is how we work 

  • Analyze the documentation. Together with you, we analyze the source format of your documentation and your requirements for potential output formats and delivery channels. 
  • Customize source data. If necessary, we adapt the definition of the source data, for example,  XML document definitions (RELAX NG, Schema, DTD).  
  • Implement scripts. We develop scripts that transform the source formats into the desired target formats, using languages such as XSLT, XSL-FO, or CSS Paged Media. Alternatively, we configure transformation tools such as Antenna House.  
  • Integrate publication scripts. We integrate publication scripts into your existing environments, such as build servers and continuous integration pipelines. 

Learn more about publication pipelines in our FAQs.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about publication pipelines

What is a publication pipeline?

A publication pipeline is a sequence of automated tasks and scripts that transform content from a source format into a desired target format suitable for publication. For example, a pipeline can generate a PDF version of user documentation from DITA XML content or deliver the content to a content delivery portal. With a publication pipeline you no longer need to manually create and deliver output formats and documents.

How do I integrate a publication pipeline into my existing system?

The integration process varies depending on the system you are currently using and your requirements for the publication pipeline. Initially, we analyze your existing infrastructure as well as the source and target formats. For example, if you are already using a continuous integration pipeline in Gitlab or Bitbucket, we can seamlessly integrate the publication scripts into it. We would be happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss the next steps.

How do I migrate legacy content to a new system?

Learn more in Migrating legacy content and also take a look at the FAQ section there.