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With intelligent information (smart content), you can provide users with granular information instead of traditional manuals. You can give them exactly the information they need for a specific task at the right time. Content delivery portals, self-service portals, VR applications, or mobile applications can use and deliver smart content. 

iiRDS is a standard for the delivery of technical documentation and other documents as intelligent information. iiRDS stands for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard. The iiRDS standard is maintained by an industrial consortium, the iiRDS consortium.

Intelligente Informationen mit iiRDS
Deliver smart content with iiRDS

Smart content for the Industrial Internet of Things 

Trust in our knowledge and experience with the iiRDS standard. From the beginning, parson has played a leading role in its development and documentation. Focus your content strategy on the requirements of digitalization and the Industrial Internet of things and maximize the value of your information – with iiRDS. How we work.

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iiRDS supports a digital content supply chain. This is how we work 

  • Analyze your documentation: We assess whether your technical documentation and product information is ready for smart content.  
  • Develop a roadmap: Together, we develop a roadmap of the steps required to implement smart content based on iiRDS. 
  • Develop a metadata concept: We work with you to develop an iiRDS metadata approach and help you deliver iiRDS-compliant content, for example, from your content management system. 
  • Delivery to touchpoints: We support you in integrating smart content in applications, such as content delivery portals.  
  • Training: We train your technical communicators and subject matter experts in iiRDS. 

Learn more about iiRDS in our FAQs.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about iiRDS

What is iiRDS? 

iiRDS stands for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard. It is a standard for delivering technical documentation and other types of information as smart content. Intelligent information is defined as modular, metadata-enriched content that can be searched, filtered, and displayed by applications such as portals or mobile applications. iiRDS defines a metadata vocabulary for technical communication and a package format for delivering content. 

Where do I find the latest version of iiRDS?  

You can download the latest version of iiRDS at under Material & Downloads. You must register first. 

Which companies are already using iiRDS? 

Several European companies are using iiRDS or are working to implement the standard. Prominent examples include Siemens, SMA, and Zeiss. For more information, see the presentations by these companies and consulting firms at the tcworld conference and on the iiRDS website. 

Are there any iiRDS training programs? 

Do I need a component content management system to use iiRDS? 

No, you don't have to have a content management system. Basically, you require the following tools for iiRDS: 

  • Editing tool for creating structured content and assigning metadata. You can create structured content with iiRDS metadata in an (XML) editor within a content management system, but also without a content management system, e.g. in DITA with oXygen.  
  • iiRDS Generator to transform the content and metadata into the iiRDS format. An iiRDS generator creates valid iiRDS packages from the structured content. Such a generator may already be included in a content management system as a publication pipeline or be programmed as an extension of the corresponding authoring environment. For legacy documents, e.g. in PDF format, you can use converter tools from plusmeta or 
  • iiRDS consumer, that is a platform or service that receives the iiRDS packages and makes them available to users. To make the smart content contained in the iiRDS packages available in applications or portals, an iiRDS consumer must process the packages. iiRDS consumers can be, for example, content delivery platforms, web portals, and chatbot backends. The iiRDS consumers import intelligent information into their database and then make it available for search and information retrieval. 

Does iiRDS support the VDI 2770 standard? 

Version 1.1 of iiRDS is harmonized with the VDI 2770 standard. There is also an implementation guide for iiRDS and VDI 2770. The guide contains the rules for creating hybrid packages that comply with both VDI 2770 and iiRDS. You can purchase the guide as a tekom publication. 

Watch the video: Dr. Jan Oevermann (plusmeta) and Mark Schubert (parson) explain how hybrid packages work (from tcworld conference 2020): "Torte und Waffeln. Das Hybrid-Paket für iiRDS und VDI 2770" (in German). 

For more questions and answers, see our blog post "iiRDS: We answer your questions".