Training: iiRDS, the delivery standard for intelligent information

One key characteristic of intelligent content is that it is broken down into smaller modules enriched with metadata. This enables applications to use this content in various scenarios: web shops, support and service processes, and user assistance. The open standard iiRDS enables the delivery of intelligent content independent of any manufacturer.

iiRDS has been developed since 2016 under the auspices of the German Association for Technical Communication tekom. Since the beginning, parson has played a major role in the development and documentation of the standard, both on working group and steering committee level of the iiRDS Consortium.

Learn the technical basics of iiRDS and find out how you can combine iiRDS metadata with your company-specific metadata.

Training topics:

  • iiRDS metadata: information classes, product metadata, and functional metadata
  • iiRDS package format
  • iiRDS/A
  • iiRDS and VDI 2770
  • Selecting iiRDS metadata based on content delivery scenarios
  • Mapping company-specific metadata to iiRDS
  • Extending iiRDS

More information on iiRDS at parson.