Training course: iiRDS – the delivery standard for smart content

The open standard iiRDS enables the delivery of intelligent content independent of manufacturers. We use intelligent content in various scenarios – in online shops, service applications, or in technical documentation.

Learn the technical basisc of iiRDS and find out how you can combine iiRDS metadata with company-specific metadata.

This training course is for

  • Technical communicators who have basic knowledge of metadata 
  • Consultants for content delivery or content management


Training format

  • Classroom training or digital (blended learning)


  • Two to three days

Training modules

Introduction to intelligent content and iiRDS

What is intelligent content and where do we use it? Selected topics:

  • Features and functions of intelligent content
  • Scope and meaning of iiRDS
  • Areas of application and use cases for iiRDS
  • Which tools are involved in a process for intelligent content in an organization?

The iiRDS metadata

iiRDS defines a metadata model for the exchange of information. This way, we can exchange and publish information independent of a manufacturer or portal. Selected topics:

  • Concepts and technologies of the semantic web used in iiRDS, for example, RDF (Resource Description Framework)
  • The metadata in the iiRDS main classes: information classes, product metadata, functional metadata, and administrative metadata 
  • Apply iiRDS metata to example  technical documentation content

Package format and iiRDS variants

An iiRDS package is a container with a specific folder structure. We can deliver such a package in two variants. Selected topics:

  • The structure of an iiRDS package
  • Differences between iiRDS and iiRDS/A

Use of iiRDS in organizations

iiRDS is a standard, but each organization is different. We'll look at selected content-delivery scenarios. Selected topics:

  • How to define a content-delivery scenario and derive the required metadata
  • How to combine iiRDS standard metadata with company-specific metadata

iiRDS and other standards

Besides iiRDS, we can use the VDI 2770 standard for classifying documents and the describing metadata. The iiRDS consortium and VDI 2770 are cooperating to align both standards. Selected topics:

  • Which other standards are there besides iiRDS?
  • Differences between iiRDS and VDI 2770

Further topics

  • Extension mechanisms of iiRDS
  • Smart content with iiRDS
  • Tool chains and systems

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