Training: XML and DITA basics

Today, most authoring systems for technical documentation use XML. So why not learn the XML basics with us! You’ll be ideally equipped to work with various content management systems (CMS) and XML editors. If you also want to work with DITA, the free information architecture, take advantage of one of our DITA XML training classes to learn the application quickly and thoroughly.

We offer the following training modules:

  • Introduction to XML files and XML document definitions
  • From the XML document to publication
  • Fundamentals of the DITA information architecture
  • Reuse and variant management in DITA
  • Generating publication formats from DITA
  • Introduction to the DITA Open Toolkit 
  • DITA projects in Oxygen Author

We would be happy to prepare an individual offer for you according to your company’s specific requirements. Just get in touch with us.