Training topic-based writing

Topics are small pieces of information that stand alone and are independent of other topics. Topics satisfy a concrete need for information and deal with exactly one subject. We can combine and reuse topics in different contexts. That's why topics are perfectly suited for technical documentation, especially online documentation.

In this training course you will learn how to create topic-based documentation that is tailored to your target groups and your application environment.

The training course is for

  • Technical communicators
  • Product developers and product designers who write technical documentation

Prior knowledge

  • You have created technical documentation.

Training format

  • Classroom training or digital (blended learning)


  • One day

Training modules

  • Basics of topic-based writing

  • Typical topic types

  • Structuring topics

  • Target groups and topic types

  • Apply content types and write topics

  • From topics to documentation

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