Research and development

parson participates in the following research projects:

Digital standards with IDiS

In many companies, norms, guidelines, and standards play an important role at various stages of product development:

  • Technical requirements for the product are derived from standard specifications.
  • The documentation must describe compliance with the normative requirements. 
  • Normative requirements are tested in Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Requirements from national and international standards are transferred to engineering standards to ensure that the standards comply with the operational processes.

The research of applicable standards and their detailed evaluation requires special expertise and can generate high costs.

What is IDiS?

IDiS – the Digital Standards Initiative, initiated by DIN and DKE, – promotes the development and gradual establishment of so-called SMART standards. SMART standards are intended to make information available in machine-readable form so that they can be directly imported into processing systems. Learn more about IDiS (in German)

We participate in IDiS pilot projects

As an IDiS member and iiRDS consortium member, parson participates in pilot projects within IDiS, such as the “Integration of standards into the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) of the Industry 4.0 platform” project. Learn more (in German)

Smart standards white papers