iiRDS Consortium: Ulrike Parson passes the baton to Anne Kuhsen

March 14, 2023

On March 7, 2023, Ulrike Parson handed over her duties as Chair of the iiRDS Steering Committee (SC) to her successor Anne Kuhsen of SEW Eurodrive. Ulrike Parson had held the role as iiRDS SC Chair since 2018.

The SC of iiRDS consists of representatives of the member companies, the consortium president Ralf Robers and the iiRDS Office. The SC determines the strategic direction of the iiRDS consortium in cooperation with the various iiRDS working groups, prepares calls for proposals and coordinates the cooperation with other standardization bodies.

A big thank you for the good cooperation goes to the iiRDS Office and thus to Susanne Lohmüller, who provides administrative support for the iiRDS consortium work. And good luck to Anne Kuhsen in her new role!

Ulrike Parson remains a member of the Steering Committee and will continue to actively support the work of the iiRDS consortium, e.g. as Ambassador for the InterOpera project "Digital Standards Datasheet".

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