Topic-based authoring

In topic-oriented authoring, we create modular content which is structured around topics that we can combine and reuse in different contexts. more

XML and DITA basics

Today, most authoring systems for technical documentation use XML. So why not learn the XML basics with us! You’ll be ideally equipped to work with various content management systems (CMS) and XML editors. If you also want to work with DITA, the free information architecture, take advantage of one of our DITA XML training classes to learn the application quickly and thoroughly. more

Knowledge modeling and technical communication

When you write technical documentation, you manage a great deal of knowledge. Technical communicators evaluate and apply domain knowledge every day. For that, skills in knowledge modeling are extremely useful. more

Introduction to agile methods and Scrum

Do you want to develop your products efficiently and according to the requirements of the users? With agile methods like Scrum you can manage complex development projects in a flexible and  unbureaucratic way. more

Training: Technical documentation

Technical communication is complex and constantly changing. Benefit from our extensive knowledge to keep your technical authors up-to-date and make them successful in their profession. more

Technical writing for engineers

Your engineers, software developers and technicians are experts in technical matters. We get their technical writing skills into shape so that they can pass on the technical knowledge of your company. more