Training: iiRDS, the delivery standard for intelligent information

One key characteristic of intelligent content is that it is broken down into smaller modules enriched with metadata. This enables applications to use this content in various scenarios: web shops, support and service processes, and user assistance. The open standard iiRDS enables the delivery of intelligent content independent of any manufacturer. more

Training: Topic-based authoring

Topic-based authoring enables you to create modular content. Content is structured around subjects and written in such a way that it can be combined and reused in different contexts. Topics are small, easy-to-grasp information units. They are self-contained and understandable on their own; they do not need external context. They address one central subject and answer one specific question for the user. more

Training: XML and DITA basics

Today, most authoring systems for technical documentation use XML. So why not learn the XML basics with us! You’ll be ideally equipped to work with various content management systems (CMS) and XML editors. If you also want to work with DITA, the free information architecture, take advantage of one of our DITA XML training classes to learn the application quickly and thoroughly. more

Training: Technical documentation

Technical communication is complex and constantly changing. Benefit from our extensive knowledge to keep your technical authors up-to-date and make them successful in their profession. more

Training: Technical writing training for engineers

Your engineers, developers and technicians are technical experts – and we’ll also strengthen their skills as technical writers. So that they’ll be able to effectively communicate your company’s technical knowledge. more