liNear: Introducing DITA-XML for Technical Documentation

For its product liNear Desktop, liNear wanted to create modern, customer-oriented, and future-proof documentation. Documentation processes and tools should be changed to DITA XML. parson assisted liNear with consulting and training services and provided the service package parsonDITA.



We liked the workshop. Working with you was fun and productive. Thank you!

DITA training

We liked that the trainer helped us editing our documents at the end of the training. This way, we could avoid initial difficulties.

Individual questions were answered in detail.

Relaxed atmosphere, friendly trainers, competent and helpful. Very pleasant.

Goals and Results

The change to DITA XML was done in several steps. Our services in detail:

  • Analyzing the requirements on technical documentation and matching the requirements with the strategic goals of liNear and state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Converting liNear’s technical documentation from Microsoft World to DITA XML. The change required the modularization of the documentation, the variant management, and the corresponding metadata. Based on the documentation analysis, we developed the modularization concepts together with the liNear project team.
  • Testing the concepts in a DITA prototype against content of the liNear documentation.
  • Integrating the parsonDITA service package into the liNear IT infrastructure including basic PDF adjustments.
  • Training the liNear technical writers in DITA XML and oXygen and implementing the jointly developed concepts in the liNear documentation.

About liNear GmbH

liNear GmbH is a cutting-edge supplier of software solutions and services for building engineering and system construction. Since 1993 this brand from Aachen, Germany, has been standing for comptence in technical calculation programs and CAD applications.