parson assists G&S IT Group with efficient documentation using Oxygen XML Editor in DITA-XML

Initial situation: G&S IT Group wants to better use Oxygen XML Editor and DITA-XML

Software provider G&S IT Group has migrated its technical documentation to DITA XML and the authoring tool Oxygen XML Editor. G&S IT Group wanted to use the full potential of Oxygen XML Editor and DITA XML and asked the experts at parson to support them.

You pretty much covered what we use every day.

Thanks ... for the informative sessions and for being so flexible when answering all our questions. It was also interesting to reflect on our own working methods during the workshops.

G&S IT Group

Our service: Customized online workshops instead of training courses

Online workshops were the best way to address the individual needs of G&S IT Group. First, the G&S IT Group technical communicators showed us their current approach. Then we made suggestions for improving the documentation process and discussed them with the G&S IT technical communication team.

We covered the following topics during the workshops:

Oxygen XML Editor

  • Important views, functions and settings in Oxygen XML Editor
  • Working with project files
  • Storage and folder structure and naming rules for folders and files
  • Customizing transformation scenarios
  • Customizing PDF output with CSS


  • Correct semantic markup, from topic types to elements

  • Content reuse

  • Filtering content for specific audiences and best practices for filtering

  • Creating and managing variables, e.g. for product names

  • Exemplary restructuring of one of G&S IT Group's DITA documents to demonstrate key DITA mechanisms and best practices. These DITA examples are used by G&S IT as a template for future work.

The result: Efficient documentation with Oxygen XML Editor

Technical communicators at G&S IT Group can now use Oxygen XML Editor to efficiently create documentation in DITA XML.

Among other things, the technical communicators can reuse content, filter it by audience, and create variables for product descriptions. They can also customize their PDF output. 

Next steps: HTML output with the DITA Open Toolkit

G&S IT Group currently publishes its documentation in PDF. In the future, it plans to publish in HTML. It also plans to publish outside of Oxygen with the DITA Open Toolkit. For this project, G&S IT Group will once again rely on the support of parson.

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