parson supports proALPHA in improving DITA-XML implementation

The software provider proALPHA writes technical documentation with DITA-XML in Oxygen XML and publishes it online via Zoomin.  parson has already supported proALPHA with the introduction of Zoomin as a content delivery portal.

The goal: Optimize DITA-XML implementation and create own DITA plugin

proALPHA wants to independently perform the following tasks to improve the existing DITA-XML implementation:

  • Create own DITA OT plugin to implement company-specific customizations in a more robust and future-proof way
  • Eliminate invalid DITA-XML structures in the DITA-XML implementation
  • Improve the display of version information in technical documentation
  • Detect and eliminate invalid links in the documentation when writing with DITA-XML in Oxygen
Application Guide by proALPHA

The solution: Interactive workshops for improved DITA-XML implementation in Oxygen

The DITA-XML experts at parson provided proALPHA with technical consulting services on how to achieve above goals. We proceeded as follows:

  • First, we analyzed proALPHA's existing DITA-XML environment and documentation and developed suggestions for improvement.
  • Because proALPHA 's technical communicators wanted to expand their DITA-XML know-how, we organized interactive workshops where we presented the results of the analysis, demonstrated suggestions for improvement, and planned the implementation.

The result: proALPHA can optimize its DITA-XML implementation in Oxygen independently

proALPHA can now perform the following tasks:

  • Create a DITA OT plugin for company-specific DITA-XML specializations
  • Correct faulty DITA-XML implementations and fix invalid DITA-XML structures
  • Optimize the version information in technical documentation
  • Identify and fix invalid links in the documentation with Oxygen
  • Use Schematron for authoring support in Oxygen

About proALPHA

For around three decades, proALPHA has been the digital sparring partner for small and medium-sized businesses at 56 locations around the globe. For more than 8,200 customers – from the manufacturing industry, wholesale and other sectors – the powerful ERP core and add-on solutions from proALPHA and its partners form the digital backbone of their entire value chain, ensuring intelligent interconnection and efficient control of all business-critical systems and core processes. In increasingly competitive markets, the optimal integration of up and downstream processes is a crucial factor, and the software solutions of the proALPHA Group and its 262 partners support customers in precisely the areas that are of central relevance to their business. From data analysis and artificial intelligence to procurement, security, quality, energy, production or time management, the about 2,000 people who work for proALPHA have a very clear mission and commitment: to develop a digital solution platform that gives SMBs the competitive edge they need to master the constant process of transformation and change.