DITA XML training: Content reuse in DITA 1.3

Ansys® in France is writing technical documentation in DITA XML. The team of technical writers is very familiar with DITA 1.2 and reuses content on topic and fragment level. Version 1.3 of DITA supports more advanced levels of content reuse.

Ansys® wanted to train its technical writers to get a better understanding of the advanced DITA 1.3 reuse mechanisms in order to improve productivity and quality of the contents delivered to customers.

In a two-day training session, parson’s DITA experts introduced the technical writers of Ansys® to the content reuse features of DITA 1.3. We conducted the training as web sessions and provided self-learning exercises.

Our services in detail


  • Define the learning objectives in cooperation with Ansys
  • Define the training schedule in cooperation with Ansys
  • Prepare the presentation and learning material for the training

DITA Training

  • Conduct remote training web sessions
  • Provide feedback for self-learning exercise

Excerpt from training slides


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