Every authoring solution grows with its tasks – parson supports Steinberg in the long-term maintenance of its DITA XML environment

Since 2012, we have been supporting Steinberg in the maintenance and further development of their authoring solution. The focus of our services is on consulting and training for DITA XML and the customization of DITA plug-ins.

For several years, Steinberg has been using the international standard format for technical documentation, DITA-XML,  to efficiently create, manage and deliver documentation in multiple languages worldwide. parson supported Steinberg in switching to DITA-XML and in selecting a content delivery portal. Thanks to parson's support, Steinberg is also able to carry out a number of development tasks independently. 

Since 2012, parson has been supporting Steinberg's technical documentation team in the design of our work environment. parson has contributed significantly to the introduction of a reliable data base with DITA-XML and has always reliably supported us in setting up and developing a highly automated infrastructure with solutions for various output formats and document types. We look forward to many more years of cooperation!

Christina Kaboth, Steinberg

(Quote translated from German)


Here are the most important milestones of our services for Steinberg:

2012 - 2013

  • XML training and workshops on technical documentation concepts (reuse, modularization) and topic-based writing 
  • Training and workshops on structured authoring in Adobe FrameMaker and DITA-XML 


Migrating from Adobe FrameMaker to Oxygen and publishing with the DITA Open Toolkit

  • Held requirements workshop for DITA-XML development with Oxygen and the use of a DITA RNG plugin and a DITA PDF plugin
  • Developed an information architecture for specific DITA XML customization 
  • Established an Oxygen framework
  • Specified migration scripts for existing DITA-XML content 
  • Developed a PDF plugin for multilingual PDF output and two output formats
  • Set up transformation for XHTML and WebHelp
  • Training on the new authoring environment 


Extending and updating the DITA-XML environment 

  • Updated the Oxygen framework 
  • Developed the PDF customization for nested index and glossary display 
  • Evaluated the DITA Release Management domain for capturing and displaying detailed release notes ("New Features") 


Enhancements and bug fixes for release note implementation ("New Features") 

Release Notes New Features von Steinberg
New Features by Steinberg

2021 - 2024

  • Advised on the selection of a content delivery portal (CDP) and help with a proof-of-value for its use 
  • Enhanced existing plug-ins: WebHelp, PDF
  • Training on DITA Open Toolkit, RelaxNG, XSLT, XPath and Schematron 
  • Customized the presentation of the glossary and release notes in the Fluid Topics CDP


Steinberg plans to deliver documentation via the Fluid Topics CDP in the future.

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