Introducing Schema ST4 and Content Migration

parson and ICMS support Korsch with introducing Schema ST4 and migrating content.

Objectives and Results

Korsch wanted to introduce a content management system (CMS) for creating technical documentation. The CMS had to meet certain requirements. Among other things, an electronic spare parts catalogue and a terminology management system should be integrated.

We realized the project with our partner ICMS. As CMS, Korsch selected Schema ST4.

The project included two phases.

During phase 1, we collected and tested the requirements for the CMS and developed a modularization concept for existing content.

Our services in phase 1:

  • Analyze existing documentation
  • Create a feasibility study
  • Requirement workshops for selecting the CMS
  • Develop a modularization concept for existing documentation
  • Assist the Korsch technical writing team with modularization

After completing phase 1, Korsch wanted to migrate the contents of two operating manuals for a tableting machine to Schema ST4. parson extended the classification concept and migrated the existing content from one of the manuals to Schema ST4.

Our services in phase 2:

  • Consult Korsch about extending the classification concept
  • Migrate the contents of one operating manual to Schema ST4


First, the two operating manuals for the tableting machine were migrated to the CMS.

Tableting machine and the two operating manuals

We classified the content of the operating manuals with the help of the PI classification and, based on the classification, developed a taxonomy for the CMS.

Taxonomy for the CMS

A glimpse into the result.

Glimpse into the result


KORSCH develops and manufactures tablet presses and control systems as well as systems for tablet testing and data analysis.