iiRDS 1.1 and implementation guide for iiRDS and VDI 2770

December 16, 2020

The iiRDS consortium has recently released version 1.1 of iiRDS. Among other things, the new version offers nested packages, harmonization with the VDI 2770 standard, and actions as docking points. The release can be found at iirds.org.

In addition, an implementation guide for iiRDS/VDI 2770 is now available. The guide contains the rules for creating packages that comply with both VDI 2770 and iiRDS. You can buy the guide from tekom.

Jan Overmann (plusmeta) and Mark Schubert (parson) gave a presentation about the iiRDS/VDI 2770 hybrid package at the tekom conference 2020 (in German).


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