iiRDS at tcworld 2023: myths, use cases, and new developments

September 14, 2023

The iiRDS standard (intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard) has become an established standard in contemporary technical communication. At this year’s tcworld conference, taking place November 14 – 16, 2023 in Stuttgart, several sessions demo interesting use cases and latest developments as well as misconceptions of iiRDS:

iiRDS MythBuster: Join the conversation

Have you had an interesting or fun customer conversation about iiRDS? Which assumptions about iiRDS were made? What were the burning questions about iiRDS? What revelations did you and/or your customers have when implementing or using iiRDS?

Share your experience! Empolis is looking forward to your input as background material for the presentation "iiRDS – MythBusters" at tcworld conference 2023. Get in touch with Martin Kreutzer at martin.kreutzer@empolis.com.

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