Patrick Schedlbauer

Technical Communicator

Patrick Schedlbauer is a Technical Communicator and has been working at parson since 2021. Patrick holds a Master’s degree in International Technical Communication from the University of Hildesheim with a focus on technical documentation, language technologies, and technical translation.

Latest articles by Patrick Schedlbauer

iiRDS for the documentation of technical standards

by Patrick Schedlbauer on September 30, 2021

The iiRDS standard makes documentation smart – so it can be made available on portals, apps and data glasses. Case studies in the field of mechanical engineering are very often mentioned in connection with iiRDS – for example, the scenario of the service technician who uses an end-device to scan an error code on a machine that needs repairing and then receives a snippet of information on the display showing how to fix the problem. This article is about the extensibility of the iiRDS model in the automotive sector. more...