Technical writing support for operating instructions in the machinery industry

Due to a staff shortage, we needed short-term support for our technical documentation. The collaboration with parson was uncomplicated, trusting and delivered exactly the desired results.


Due to a shortage of resources in the technical documentation team, Finetech was looking for short-term technical writing support.

As a technical documentation service provider, parson also creates and updates operating instructions. A parson team supported Finetech for four months and wrote short instructions for modules of Finetech's placement and assembly systems for the assembly of innovative semiconductor products and the professional repair of SMD components. The team aligned its tasks with the customer's technical documentation and development groups.

Excerpt from a manual of a Finetech module

Our services in detail

  • Write three short instructions in close alignment with the development team in English
  • Apply company-specific terminology and writing rules
  • Create and update illustrations from CAD models
  • Create screenshots of the machine software

About Finetech GmbH & Co. KG

Finetech is a global supplier of special engineering products. Its core business is the development, manufacture and sale of machines for high-precision microassembly and the professional repair of SMD components. 

Founded in 1992 as a small start-up in East Berlin, the company now has subsidiaries on three continents and a global network of representatives. 

Finetech serves a wide range of industries and sectors including telecommunication, semiconductors, consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive, defense and security, energy, education and research.