Customer quote

"Working with parson was professional. We could flexibly integrate the work into our day-to-day business. parson's has high-level editorial know-how. We are grateful for the good cooperation."

Marco Bohnert, Application Engineer LiDAR Localization, SICK AG  

Goals and Results

SICK wanted to create an online help for their localization software LiDAR-LOC. parson helped SICK to create the documentation. We also developed a topic-based information architecture for the online help.

Due to a tight timeframe, parson created the documentation directly in English instead of German, as originally planned. parson’s technical communicators worked remotely most of the time.

The documentation of controls commands is automatically created from the developer’s code comments. In the long run, SICK wants to integrate this documentation into the online help.

parson created a technical concept so that all information for operating the product – via web interface and control command – are available in one information product.

Our services in detail

  • Create a topic-based information architecture for the online help based on the DITA architecture, in cooperation with SMEs and technical communicators at SICK.
  • Create documentation about the localization software in English
  • Coordinate with the different business units to meet corporate writing style rules and terminilogy
  • Create a technical concept for integrating the automatically generated controls commands into the online help
  • Manage the project in cooperation with the SMEs at SICK
  • Perform review and publishing processes and coordinate the cooperation with the SMEs and technical communicators at SICK via Attlassian Confluence


SICK Example Concept TopicExample for concept topic

SICK Example Task TopicExample for task topic

SICK product descriptionExample for product description

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