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API documentation – What software engineers can teach us

by Stephanie Steinhardt on January 30, 2017

When asking software engineers about API documentation, you soon find out that there are two groups. The first group is convinced that good code does not require any explanation. Members of the second group frequently read documentation and even enjoy writing it. You also find out that software engineers have completely different opinions and approaches when it comes to the layout, presentation, and contents of a perfect API documentation. more...

Developer documentation: the necessary evil?

by Ulrike Parson on June 11, 2013

Anna M. is a software engineer. She has just started working for a company that develops custom add-ons for an out-of-the-box financial software solution. For developing the add-ons, Anna is supposed to use the API of the software. Little does Anna know about the API's structure, its interfaces, and its functionality. more...

Documentation for Software Engineers

by Ulrike Parson on November 15, 2011

Writing technical documentation for software engineers is more than authoring code comments. In order to use an application programming interface (API) or existing source code effectively, software engineers require different types of information. For this reason, technical writers who author API documentation need to analyze the requirements of their target group. more...