Is your content ready for the digital age?

Workshop Info 4.0

The digital transformation changes production processes and automates work processes. Its impact reaches beyond the production and into many more areas of society: products, business models, supply chains, customer behavior, and the way we work.

This causes fundamental changes for technical communication as well. Smart products require intelligent content. Instead of manuals and help files, our users dynamically retrieve digital information modules.

In our workshop, we analyze the current status of your technical documentation, your strategic goals for implementing intelligent content, and draw up a list of required measures on your way to Information 4.0.

What you get

  • Question catalog for evaluation of current technical documentation processes, systems, and formats
  • Analysis of strategic goals and requirements regarding smart content for your company during the workshop
  • Information on what you need to generate intelligent content
  • Summary of workshop results and list of recommended measures
Marion Knebel
Mark Schubert
Ulrike Parson
Frank Ralf
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