Restructuring the documentation landscape at Finnova. Orientation workshop

Objectives and goals

parson is supporting Finnova during the process of restructuring the documentation landscape and digitalizing technical documentation. Existing technical documentation solutions, work and collaboration processes, and delivery to target audiences will be put to the test during this transformation. A detailed analysis of the requirements will then form the basis for a continuous improvement.

In an orientation workshop, attended by the Finnova project manager and employees from support, product development, product management, sales and other relevant stakeholders, Finnova and parson took stock of the situation and identified pain points and basic requirements for the new documentation landscape.

Our services in detail

Following the orientation workshop, parson provided:

  • A set of existing pain points and known requirements
  • Specific recommendations for action, a potential roadmap for the next phases of documentation transformation
  • An evaluation of existing ideas for using new tools from the field of language technology, such as the use of AI technologies for natural language processing


In the next phase, Finnova will set priorities based on the recommendations for action, develop a roadmap for the next phases, and start to identify detailed requirements for the creation, publication, and delivery of the technical documentation.

About Finnova AG Bankware

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