Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun

Senior Technical Communicator

Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun is a Technical Communicator and has been with parson AG in Hamburg since 2011. She creates and manages technical documentation for clients in the IT and automotive industry. Ann-Cathrin also assists customers with the introduction of content-delivery solutions.

Latest articles by Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun

Terminology management on a budget

by Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun on July 05, 2017

Organizations can benefit from consistent terminology in many ways. Communication between departments and customers improves, misunderstandings diminish, and the product brand strengthens. Consistent terminology is also the foundation for controlled authoring. Instruction manuals become more comprehensible and customer-friendly, translation costs decrease, and technical writers have more time for other tasks. more...

Terminology Management Systems

by Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun on May 03, 2013

Inconsistent use of terminology makes it more difficult to communicate in an organization. It also leads to misunderstandings. A terminology management system can solve this problem. The software manages all your company-specific terms and improves communication. Employees have access to an always up-to-date corporate terminology and can even participate in defining new terms. more...

Developing Software on a Beer Mat

by Ann-Cathrin Mackenthun on September 25, 2012

In agile software development we no longer create lengthy functional specifications or product requirements. We write our requirements as short user stories that could easily fit on a note card or a beer mat. Software requirements on a beer mat? How can they possibly make sense to the developer or the technical writer? more...